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PSI Data: An Overview

Our experience in providing tailored marketing platforms enables us to offer high quality data products which allow customers to target their chosen markets with pin-point accuracy.

Full contact details of hundreds of thousands of senior decision makers - from Procurement, Facilities and Transport Managers through to Doctors, Educators and Government Ministers - are available. Direct access to these executives can facilitate cost-effective yet extremely powerful marketing campaigns.

A dedicated team of researchers ensure that our data is no more than four months old at any given time. All contacts are researched individually, with validated email addresses and phone numbers.

Our datasets include postal addresses, email addresses and at least one telephone number. We are able to provide complete databases or can filter to provide specific sectors/job titles/geographic areas. This helps to ensure no wastage.

A selection of packages are available, with or without email addresses and phone numbers, depending on your precise needs and budget.

We can also provide you with tailored mixed media packages which cover all your marketing requirements.

Call 0208 532 0055 to enquire about data, advertising or mixed media.